Joseph Jr., also known as DJUNYA, is an eclectic producer focusing on the broad spectrum of BASS Music and techno. DJUNYA passionately started composing his music at a very young age after falling in love with the piano and percussion.

He continued to pursue his love for all types of music by studying percussion and learning about synthesizers. DJUNYA then began DJ’ing Drum & Bass heavily in 1999. He was quickly noticed for his ability to program and intuitively move crowds. His producing skills broke out in the early dubstep scene in San Francisco being one of the early few north american’s releasing dubstep. His diverse sounds have been captivating listeners for over a decade, and he has continued to experiment and move dance floors with his dubbed-out blend of BASS HEAVY BEATS.

DJUNYA has DJ’d sets on various internet & FM radio stations. Over the years he has also performed at music & film festivals around the US and abroad including: Ultra Music Festival, Sundance, Slamdance, Musefest, Versus, Viram vs F.S.O.B., Lunadance, Sonic Bloom, Burning Man, Bobolink, Get Freaky, Das Energi, Symbiosis Gathering, Dub_O_Cracy, Lovefest, H. E. N. C. H., Superdubpressure, FreakCamp, SMOG Sessions, Pure Filth, Heavyweight, Sub.Mission, Bassic, Bass Goes Boom (Chicago), Shift, and X-Dance.

DJUNYA’s live mixes and sound productions cover the spectrums of deep moody basslines to lush etheric atmospheres. His influences range from Ambient, Dub, IDM, Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, and 2-step.

DJUNYA’s sound palette is ever expanding as he currently has been building a eurorack modular synth for future recordings and performances.

Be on the look out for more releases spring 2018